Thursday, December 08, 2005


Good morning. Let me tell you something, it was so hard getting up this morning. We had a basketball game last night and we were expecting to get back around 11:30-12:00 and we didn't get back until 1:00 AM! I slept most of the ride back but in a 12 passanger van with 6 other college women and two female coaches up front sometimes the conditions for sleeping aren't always the best. By the time we got back and I drove home, took a shower, and fed my mouse, Bit, it was about 2:00 in the AM and I would be waking up in about 4 hours to get to work by 7:00. I'll be dragg'n today but that's alright, the semester is almost over-3 more classes and basketball. I'll catch up on sleep then. I really have been trying to get caught up on sleep. Last year I would be coming home anywhere around 11:30-2:00 and waking up around 6:45 to get to class by 8:00. I felt ok but I know that my body needs more sleep so I'm trying really hard to commit to that. I know it's important and my body needs sleep to heal...and do I need some time to heal. I am still recovering from a left ankle stress fracture, a right ankle sprain, a jammed right pinky finger, and now I have a blood blister on my left pinky and a staff infection on my arm pit! I'm fall'n apart. I'm most worried about the staff infection though. As I'm sure most of you know those of us with diabetes can't fight those infections as well and I'm on horse-pill sized antibiotics for it. I noticed little bumps under my arm a little more than a month ago and was on antis for a week but it must not have been enough cuz it came back. Now I'm on the antis for two weeks at a bit of a stronger dose. My doctor doesn't want to mess around with this. We hope a sist isn't formed/forming cuz that would mean needing it surgically removed...icky...I don't want that.
Anyway... I'm not even sure anyone out there reads this so I'm going to stop writing now. Have a great day to those of you who might see this. :-)


Blogger Kerri. said...

Staph infections? I had those when I was younger ALL THE TIME. Very irritating rashy moments. No fun.

And I'm still grinning at the fact that you have a mouse named Bit.

Keep writing. I'm reading this.

Welcome to the Online Community. I'll be linking you from Six Until Me tonight.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Sandra Miller said...


Welcome to the OC!

My son had a staph infection last winter-- about six months after dx.

It started as a small bump on his wrist that tested positive for staph. Despite completing a course of antibiotics, it got a bit bigger and became reddened. The doc said it was a cyst, and it had to go.

Removal was an in-office procedure -- had to open, drain, and [gulp] scrape it out. This sounds A LOT worse than it actually was.

Although Joseph did beautifully during the procedure, he's not in a hurry to do it again (he's since given up the practice of wearing "sweatbands" on his wrists, which the doctor thinks might have prompted the formation of a "sebaceous cyst"-- fancy term for a cyst caused by an in-grown hair).

I look forward to reading more of your adventures at school-- gives me some insight into what the future may hold for my son.

Oh, and I'll add a link to your site this afternoon.

Take care,


12:42 PM  
Blogger julia said...

Hey Alex,
Welcome to the O.C. I have a daughter, aged 11, with D. She's had it since a few weeks before her third birthday.

I'll keep reading. :) I'll add a link on my blog, too.

2:38 PM  
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