Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not a lot of anything

First of all... Yes, I am on a pump. A MiniMed Paradigm 512. To all my readers who have yet taken their exams...GOOD LUCK!!!
I would also like to report that I have a new addition to my family... To go with my two fish (Sydnie and Bruce) I bought a fiddler crab. It's so cute. It has one big claw and one little one. It sorta just does laps around the bottom of the fish bowl and it sits on the little sand-colored castle in the bowl.
Quick question... I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I love that movie) I wanted to know why none of the children were diabetic? Would that have been a cruel joke? Just wondering.


Blogger Kerri. said...

Were you watching the original Gene Wilder version or the new Johnny Depp version?

And if Charlie was a diabetic ticket holder, it would have been renamed to something more along the lines of "Charlie and the Paramedic Team."

8:17 AM  

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