Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oink Oink

Here I am, sitting on the sofa watching Martha Stewart and thinking 'mmm, that tea-cake looks good.' Then I get to thinking...I have been a bad little diabetic. My friends and I have not been the healthiest of athletes and in the last week I have been to Culvers for custard and Mc Donalds (a number of times). The real bad night was after a basketball game last week. My friend and I went to George Webbs (a 24 hour 'trucker' dinner for those of you not from Wisconsin) after the game for a burger and then a short 4 hours later 4 of us went to Mc Don's for more food! Wow, I sound like such an oinker! I'm really not but this blog would argue that.
Well, I have to get going. I have a basketball game tonight and need to do some things before that so I will write to you all later.


Blogger bethany said...

lol if that makes you a bad diabetic then the rest of us are just as bad if not worse ... i swear at college our lives revolve around eating :-D good luck!

2:05 PM  

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