Monday, July 17, 2006

School on the brain and its not even August... Hmmmm...

It is only July 17th and I am already thinking about going back to school. Is that normal? Should I be concerned? Well, whether it is normal or not I am excited about the upcoming year. Now, I am not excited about papers, assessments, boat loads of homework, or buying my books but there are reasons I am excited for. One reason I am so excited is I am moving into the residence hall at Alvenro. Now, I would much rather be getting a place of my own but for my first time flying solo Claire Hall offers some security. I will not need to worry about monthly rent or food. I'm really looking forward to decorating my new room. I can't decide what colors I should go with. Help me out here people, give me some feedback. I am leaning towards light pink & brown, blue & green, or red, white, & black. Let me hear what you have to say; I'm all ears. Well, I guess eyes in this case since I can't really hear you. Anyway... second reason I'm pumped for classes to start is soccer season! We have a new soccer coach and I'm really being optomistic about the season. I think she will really be able to improve our team and the program as a whole. Plus, this season I'll be able to play! No stress fracture! Woo woo!

Oh, before I leave... Tomorrow is the anticipated date for voting on H.R. 810, the stem cell bill. This is the bill that will make or break everything. If there is any hope in stem cells being used to cure diabetes and the list of other diseases we need this bill to pass. Get in contact with your Senators and lets get this bill passed!


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