Thursday, February 16, 2006


I was thinking about soccer season the other night and I thought about this...
It was the LMC play-in game and we were away. We were also the underdogs. I was so hyped for the game. Bring it on, they may have beat us the first time we played them but they wouldn't get us again. We were a different team and we wanted this. It was the first half and we were looking good. Everyone was on that Thursday night; it was set up to be a great game. 10-15 minutes into the game I recieve a pass heading to the left corner. I bring it out a little more to the left baiting my defender. She thinks she's in control, I'm right where she wants me; left foot=weak foot and I keep shying that way. Here is my moment, one quick nudge to the right and it is the perfect, lined up shot that I had been waiting for since my return; it would be perfect... I bait hard to the left and my defend goes, everything is off to a great fake-and-bake, I shift my weight and momentum right and that is when everytning is lost. My right foot is not high enough of the ground for the move I'm making, as my body is going right my foot stays. Before I know it I am on the ground looking down the perfect lane I had worked so hard to get. I can get up and still get off a decent shot, my defender is not ready, I can still do this, I need to do this! I couldn't do it, my ankle was done; I could not feel the pain yet because of the adrilaine that was rushing over me but I could not get up. My defender put everything in to getting that ball out of the box, it was over. I was taken off the field in tears. I was in pain but I wanted to play. The game went on and I watched. It was a great game. I was so proud to be there with my team. They played with everything they had and even though it was our last game of the season it was a beautiful match.
Heather and TK's boyfriend helped me to the van and Sue drove me home so mom could take me to the ER. It was a 2nd degree sprain and I was out of commission for almost 2 weeks. When I did finally return it was already well into basketball season. I had a lot to make up for. I did and I'm going strong.


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