Friday, February 24, 2006

I just want to be... undiabetic. One day, one taste of what life would be without this ugly disease. I have never known life pre-diabetes. I was diagnosed at age 3, I do not remember life without testing, without tri-yearly doctor visits, eating a piece of candy without feeling guilty. Just one day, that is all I want. When an infection gets inside me my body simply doesn't kill it, the infection wages war. I think Kerri from SixUntilMe puts it best when she says 'I want to be able to say I used to be a diabetic.' I love that statement cuz I believe that is what every diabetic wants. I read it a few months ago and it has still stuck with me. I want to serve this country by enlisting in the army, I want to learn how to fly a plane without restrictions, I want to wake up in the moring without evidence of finger pokes, i want to get dressed and not worry about where to put 'Thia' (my pump's name). I didn't ask for this. I sometimes talk myself into believing that God gave this to me because he knew I could take it. That I was stronger than most. That I wouldn't give up. That use to work more when I was younger, before the complications were real to me. I have had this infection since October! The only thing different about it this time is it relocated. Why?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can they put you in the hospital and give you intraveneous IV antibiotics for your staph infection? I know they give IV antibiotics over a three- or four-day period for serious infections. Maybe that would clear it up. Diabetic children are some of the bravest people I know! The emotional and physical drain of dealing with this disease is gigantic. You are entitled to burn-out once in a while. This disease must be cured in our lifetime. I don't consider living with diabetes an option for any child. I think they are very close. We need a breakthrough!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

My husband and I have said to each other, out of all of our kids, diabetes chose the right one. Brendon endures so much without struggle or complaint and goes on with life without skipping a beat.

If I could take one day for you so that you could experi...forget one day, how about if I took a month so that you didn't have a care in the world, I would do that for you.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Kerri. said...

In order for me to say "I used to be a diabetic," I need to keep things together until they cure it. Amidst the disasterous days and the moments of feeling over-whelmed, I need to keep my wits and make sure I don't lose sight of the prize: a cure.

It is coming. I'm not sure I'll reap its benefits while I'm young, but for my own kids, I have to keep hoping. Then they can chime in with "My mom used to be diabetic."

Keep up the fight, Alex.

(And if you're waging war against a staph infection, I had one for almost a year. It did go away, though. Don't lose hope.)

9:55 PM  

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