Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring Break & Birthdays!

Spring break! I love it. It does, however, seem more than a little early for my Catholic College to give us a week off. Last year we were off the week before Easter, which makes sense, but this is kind'a out there if you ask me. Well, a week off is a week off, I am not one to complain! Bonus though, my birthday is Thursday...ToMoRrOw! 20 here I come! While not a big mile-stone birthday 20 is still cool. As far as celebrating goes tonight my grandma is coming over for dinner of 'lemon-sherry chicken' with rice pielof (sp?). This is my favorite dish that my mom makes. Mmmmm, I have loved this meal for years and I can't wait. Then of course-cake! It is one of the few times were the diabetic is given sugar. It is a really cute cake (there would be a picture but I cannot find the cord to my camera). Then tomorrow, two of my friends are coming over to celebrate for a little. Then, Satureday is the party. It will be a very small party at a friend's house but it will still be a party.
How come everyone thinks it's fun to give sugar to the diabetic? Last night I met a friend for dinner and she brought me a little gift knowing my birthday was coming up. It was a 1 1/2 pound bag of chocolate covered peanuts and more than some 'fun sized' Heath bars. It was very nice of her, cuz yes, Heath Bar Blizards are my favorite DQ treat and choco. covered peanuts are my favorite candy but to give the diabetic a bag of both for my birthday... Ummm, thanks but is that really such a great idea? I guess the good thing about it (to find the good in the situation) is that when I do get candy, it does last a little longer-or it should anyway.


Blogger Kerri. said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Alex!

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