Thursday, April 06, 2006

--)-----------Foiled again!

Good day inuslin junkies. Last night was my brother's and mine fourth fencing lesson. So far they are going good. I'm a little soar but it's worth it. The first night was the worst because we had to re-train our muscles to do some new things. After that it got a little easier. Right now my brother and I know how to advance, retreat, one type of lunge, and now we are learning how to defend. There are 8 positions and we know positions 4 and 6. That is what we were working on last night. Instead of my legs hurting, my wrist hurt. We didn't do much footwork, it was all done with the arm. I didn't really know what to expect the first time but it is a lot of fun. We are learning how to kill someone! Sorry, didn't mean to sound psycotic (sp???) or anything; fencing is a martial art, that is what you learn to do.
My soccer team is also doing very well. We are 3-0 right now. We had some big wins but they were not against the strongest teams so it will be interesting how the season goes. My assisstant coach and I are hoping that the team does not get cocky and people begin to get top heavy due to their growing heads. So far so good though so we are just gonna roll with it and see what happens.


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