Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another 5 years?

It pains my heart to know that in the years Bush has been in office that his first veto is this. As we know, stem cell research was the hope for millions of people suffering with diabetes and a list of other diseases. I went to Washington D.C. this spring with the mission to convince our senators to vote in favor of the stem cell bill. Our mission was accomplished; the Senate voted in favor. Not more than 24 hours later did Mr. Bush veto that vote. It breaks my heart as it should yours.

I understand the opposing positions and arguements but I come back with my own. The embrios that were going to be used for research are now going to be thrown away. Is that not murder? Is that not what George W. was trying to avoid? So, he would rather throw away unused stem cells than use them to save millions? Where is the sence in that? I'm sorry, I fail to see it. I understand that some people, including the leader of this great nation, see stem cell research as murder or abortion but if this research is all it says it could be then it's going to save millions of people.

My family was told when I was diagnosed at age 3 that a cure was 5 years away. They are 15 years late. This is now the hope that millions of diabetics have hoped for and with one fluid sweep of the pen this hope has been taken away from diabetics and so many more that could have benifited from this remarkable research.



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