Monday, October 02, 2006

I didn't die... really.

Well well well... It has certanly been awhile hasn't it? I apologize for my absance; with soccer, class, homework, and work I barely have time to sleep. Unfortunatly, that is more often the case than I hoped going into this year. I have already slept through 2 1/2 classes! (I am a VERY sound sleeper-I slept through 2 alarms and 4 missed calls!) The other night I only got 40 min of sleep. I think I really filled my plate this semester. I'm gonna keep truck'n through though. I know I can do it, it's just going to be harder than I thought it would be. It isn't all bad though. I had a paper due last week and I got it back saying I did an amazing job! Soccer is going very well I'm pleased to say. The Inferno is currently 4-6-1 which is better than past years. We won our first conference game (ever) on Saturday! This is our third year in a conference and we have won games before but this was our first conference win. It was a great feeling! All the hard work is so worth it when your team wins. "Nothing like game day." This week is Homecoming Week and there is a lot going on. Monday kicked off the week with a pep rally and staffulty vs student/alum volleyball game, Tuesday was our Homecoming game! It was an amazing game. We tied but... oh it was an excellent game. Today is the new field dedication. Super exciting! On the diabetic side of things everythings been going good. My blood has been in better control than I thought it would be and I'm feeling great. I should be eating a little healthier and I'm trying to. It's hard but so is life and that's what I'm playing for so it's definatly worth it. A bit of a damper though, I was at the doctor's a little under a month ago and it wasn't even an appointment! I went there for my 11:00 appointment and got in around 12:00. Then, he looked at my numbers, said we weren't going to be changing anything and that I did not need blood work and sent me out! I wanted to ask a question and he shoed me out crazy fast! What the flip is that about? Oh well, our insurance is changing so I'll have to get a new doctor anyway. The question was-maybe you can help-I want to get a tattoo... Now I know there are millions and millions of people reading this (ya, right) freaking out at me saying this-esp. those who know I'm infection prone. I know the risk is there but I wanted to know how severe they were. I know piercings are more of a risk (and I learned the hard way) but I still know the risks are good that bad things can happen. I just want some feedback. I know control is important too and I'm really being diligent to control my levels and what I eat. So... What do you reading this think? Should I ask my doctor, live on the edge and do it, or... help me out.


Blogger bethany said...

i've got 5 - i've never had any problems with any of them ... yes some were slightly painful but that has nothing to do with my diabetes ... no infections, no nothing ... just good ol normal tatoos ... lol - good luck! let me know what you decide and if you have any questions let me know. :-D

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