Saturday, March 31, 2007

Is this the trip?

So we have hit the point in the semester where I want to simply be done but we’re still just over half way. I can feel the pressure slowly starting to build. I have not gotten to the point of being in over my head but I can tell in about 2 weeks I will be. It is not that I am procrastinating; it’s just that I know my instructors are going to load me up and it’s going to be like whoa! But after the whoa factor comes sweet, sweet summer. Which I can predict will be just as busy but at least it will be summer :-) I am hoping this summer I can do my first of two internships. So far, I applied to intern with the JDRF. I am excited to hear back from them. I hope I can get in.

This morning I was up well before I should have liked to. Today is move in day for two of my friends who are moving into their first apartment. I’m excited for them and the place is really nice. I wish them the best. I cannot wait to move out. I love my family but I want to decorate my own place. I am dreading though moving out of the residence hall here at Alverno. It is going to be nuts moving back home. Since grandma died :-( we have acquired a lot of her things and my room has become the catch all. This means now my room is going to be nuts come that third week in May when I move back in. Ahh! Oh well, it’s always good to be home. Plus that’s where Scout is and I love her to death.

Thursday I have an eye doctor appointment. Nerve wrecking! I always enter the doctor’s office with baited breath thinking what if this trip is the trip something is wrong? Today when my two friends and I were moving stuff around the Brew City to the new apartment we were talking about my friend’s grandma and how they thought it would be so hard knowing that a disease could kill them before ‘old age’ and there is nothing that can be done about it. (Her grandma has cancer that is in remission and they are hoping it doesn’t come back.) Then my other friend said well, “Yea Alex, how does it feel? I couldn’t do it.” I replied with you hope there is a cure before you get to that point and until then you think about it as little as you can or it will drive you mad. When I was diagnosed 18 years ago we were told a cure is five years away. 13 years later and we haven’t been so lucky but I’m still hoping for the best. Maybe within these next five years. Hopefully it will not be to late for any of us.


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