Tuesday, October 24, 2006

1 Man, 2 Man, 3 Man, Blueman

The other night I had the wonderful oppurtunity to go see the Blueman Group in concert. I have heard of the group but I did not really know what to expect. It was an amazing show! I would definately go see it again. Kevin, my ex-boyfriend now friend, got 4 tickets from his parents for his birthday and invited 2 of his cousins, a girl from work, and myself. I knew one of his cousins from high school and hadn't seen him in awhile so it was nice to catch up with him. The opener for Blueman Group was an artist I wasn't sure I was going to like but I really did get into it. Her name is Tracy Bonham. I suggest checking out the website; listen to some of her songs.

Well, soccer is almost over. Tomorrow is our last game and it will be rough. It will be a fight but hopefully we can hold our own. I'm going to miss soccer and I'm going to miss my team but there is a part of me that is glad the season is over. Maybe it is because I know basketball will then start but ... I can't really explain it. Maybe I just need a break. Whatever it is, the season is soon over and that is simply how it goes. Overall, our season we decent. Not great but we made improvement and that is great. I really anticipate next year to really rock our field. I mean, we are going to have a lot of returners and we finally have our own field! Awesome!

Well, I should be doing homework so I'll see you all later!


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