Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkeys and Basketball

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all you bloggers get your fill of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravey, stuffing, green-bean casserole, and pie. May I remind you to bolus thought! Don't forget the side of insulin; otherwise, well you know what could happen.

Well, since it is Thanksgiving I thought I would share a childhood story with you. Back in my younger years. way younger years of 1-8 my family would go "up north" (as we say in Wisconsin) to Arcadia, Wisconsin for Turkey day. We would usually make a weekend of it. It was always so much fun because by this time that part of the state usually had snow already so that meant sledding before most of my friends! Anyway, on one of these Thanksgiving visits, everyone on the farm (including my family-as guests of course) went to visit a relative on another farm. We were all outside-the adults talking while the children ran amuck around the yard. Well, there I was all of maybe 5, minding my own, when this rooster comes running at me! Ok, I'm a little nervous cuz let's face it, I'm a city kid and what looks like a wild barn bird comes charging at my short little self. Well, it opens its wings and I freeze right where I am. Next thing I know, there is a rooster perched on my head. I'm freakin' at this point (picture the brother in "A Christmas Story" in the 'I can't put my arms down' part but shorter and with a rooster on his head. See it?) . After the bird gets off, Grandpa Reck (initials in the tattoo) comes to save me by punting that bird across the yard. Thank you Grandpa, you are my hero! I'm not sure what happened to the bird. Tweet!

Basketball season is going good. I'm working my butt off and I love it. I am proud to say that this year I was voted captain by my team. I am extremely honored. I was not expecting to be dubbed cap so I am not only excited but very honored. Thank you team! I hope I, along with our other caps, can lead us to much improvement and an enjoyable season.
Go Inferno!


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Blogger MileMasterSarah said...

hahaha, awesome. We spent our thanksgiving this year at a farm, my little peanut would have freaked if a rooster ran at her!

11:23 AM  

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