Monday, January 22, 2007

Back to the grind

It sure has been awhile. Well, now that I am offically back on campus with not only basketball, but also classes and work I have more time to post. Yes, now that my schedule has more in it, I have more time to write. I should clarify; I have more computer time. Well, since we've last chatted I have grown a HUGE blister under a callis on my toe. It was nasty. It hurt like a mother trucker and looked as bad. I was off the court for 10 days and was put through the ringer. After seeing my primary doctor I was put on a high dose of antibiotics and told to warm soak it. Done and done. I thought. After 4 days on the antibio it was getting worse. ...a lot worse. My mom and I ended up in an urgent care where the doctor put me on a different antibiotic. That one showed results over night. :-) I went back to my primary so she could see it and she did what had to be done; she drained it. Ick. She also gave me two shots of antis in the bum. That stung a little but all is good now. Today was my first day back on the court and it felt great! (Sorry, I know that story was a little gross, but hey. I was able to keep my toe and we all know that is big news. I wasn't so sure there for a few days.)

Anyway... Now it is back to the grind. Classes for me started Thursday. :-/ So far so good, but it is still early.

P.S. I will put a picture of Scout (my rat) up in my next post along with the details.


Blogger MileMasterSarah said...

Oh man, infections can be terribly painful. I know only too well!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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