Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Time!

And so it is Easter! A sugar addicts dream and a diabetics nightmare. Well, Thursday kicked off the Salisbury Easter. My mom, dad, brother, grandma, and I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the "St. Peter and the Vatican" exhibit that is currently there. It was actually really interesting. I had mixed feelings going in but it was cool. Friday my mom and I fasted all day. I get angry when I'm deprived of food. My friends got a little upset that I chose to partake in this fasting but it is my duty as a Catholic. I did end up having to eat glucose tabs to 'resurect' my blood but that was it. The hardest part of the day was going to see "Harry Potter 4 at the IMAX and smelling the popcorn. That was rough. Today was prolly the biggest Salisbury/Reck tradition in the Easter time... Blessing of the food. For as long as I can remember my grandma, mom, brother, and I would get Saturday night's and Sunday night's dinner and year round essentials and stuff it all into a big wicker basket, we would drive to church and the priest would bless the food. When we got our rabbit I would put her in a picnic basket and take her to get blessed too. Every now and then the lid would bounce up and down as Button tried peeking out. The blessing of the food is an Easter memory I don't think I will ever forget and I plan on going every year.
Tomorrow we really don't have any plans... We were supposed to go out for brunch but that got cancled. So, I think depending on the weather we will either be outside or inside watching a movie. Hmmm, maybe "Steal Magnolias." That has become my mom's and mine Easter movie...cuz it starts and ends at Easter. Well, to you and your own... no matter what you celebrate, I hope you have a great time. Happy Easter!


Blogger Allison said...

Wow. I think that's awesome that you fast. I've never fasted because I'm Protestant and it's never really required, but I'm very impressed by people who do fast!

The only times I fast are for basal tests and that's only for a few hours, not a whole day!

Happy Easter!

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is not obligatory to fast if you are diabetic, pregnant, or menstruating - among other things

5:51 AM  

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