Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who's to blame when we take responsibility for our actions?

This post is in responce to a post I read on sixuntilme's site. Now, I do not know if Kerri meant to spark such a explosion but here I am writing about it myself. The last time I checked, she had 50 comments made about her post "Scenes" and I have a feeling more will follow. As I posted my own comment on the post I was reading other's comments and came across one that was even more bone-chilling than the 'manager women' not helping poor, low Kerri with her 27 test *cough-Theresa's comments-cough*. Kerri's post was not a post to point the finger and take responsibility from herself when she forgot her emergancy kit in the car but to point out that when someone needs help, sometimes people aren't there to help. Or if they are there they aren't always willing to help. Kerri never said I blame the women for not helping, she just said she wouldn't help; that is not at all pointing the finger. If Kerri, myself, or any diabetic blames someone else for their low or not being prepared they are not a very good diabetic. I can admit that I have messed up and forgot something to treat a low once in a while. It's life, it happens. If I am running to the store 4 blocks away and know I will be gone for 15 min then I usually don't grab something...that is my fault. It is the scariest to have a low and not be prepared. If I was at the theater and dropped down to 27 with nothing on me I would be very scared. If I would have had something I would have been composed, treated it, tested again, and enjoy the movie. Kerri didn't have anything and that is scary.
I do wanna give props to the cashier who was trying to help before manager-zilla came along. I applaude her effort. She might not have known what diabetes was but seeing the fear and urgancy in the eyes of the women before her she was trying to do what she could. It then became a matter of ignorence, laying down the 'law,' and a momentary lack of heart.
I work at a theater (not the one mentioned) and I feel that we should be trained in CPR/first aid. I am but through a different job I have. There are so many people that come into the theater and at any given time something-anything can happen. Not everyone is trained, not everyone knows what to do. Now, granted that the videos aren't the greatest, when I was trained early this spring the 5 min blurp on diabetes was cheesy they at least got the point across and explained what actions should be taken. With watching this video-pretending I am not diabetic-and Kerri came to my register as we were closing and said she needed sugar, I would have given her the juice and better believe I would stand up to my boss and say she needs sugar. I would have become a diabetic-movie theater martyr if need be.

Now, Theresa, I'm glad you are always prepared, rock on with your bad self, but I think it was as cold as the manager women to say it was all Kerri's fault. Are you saying it is Kerri's fault that the theater vending stand closed when it did? Is it Kerri's fault that the manager wouldn't help? Who's fault is it that the grass is green and it rained in Milwaukee on Easter? Is that Kerri's fault too? In 3rd grade when you fell and bumped your knee, did Kerri push you? Global warming, 9-11, US bombing Japan...let's blame Kerri cuz obviously it is all her fault. She never blamed anyone for her not being prepared, read her blog again.


Blogger Kerri. said...

Alex, thank you for defending diabetics both on my blog and here on yours. You wrote a strong piece here on the merits of customer service positions and the education they should receive. But you also defend the rights of a human being in need, which was the point I was trying to convey on my blog.

And for the record: While I had nothing to do with global warming, the rain in Milwaukee on Easter was my fault. :)

12:32 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

I new what point you were trying to make and I bet that if this wouldn't have been you in need but someone else and you were just a witness to this that your blog would only have varried in that you wouldn't have been 27.
P.S. I love that you are able to joke about this. Thanks for the rain. :-)

7:51 AM  
Blogger cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

i worked in the hospital. it was 3am, a girl came up to me and said she was diabetic and was low and forgot her supplies. even tho i am diabetic i'm sure others would have helped. she was in look, i handed over my glucose sweets. she was very greatful. i took her to where the vending machines were. we had coffee and she checked her sugars and had a bar of choc.

ok nothing really to do with ur post, but i made a friend that night and helped her. all us porters, that was my job, all had been trained in first aid and diabetic emergencies.

see u

11:47 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

pumping princess...
whether or not it is relevant to the post you are always welcome. besides, this comment was relevant.

3:23 PM  
Blogger cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

thanks :)just read the message you were commenting on. gee can't believe she had the cheek to write that.

i had a terrible low the other day, it would not come up. i ate virtually everything in the house and still was low. sometimes you just can't help it.

oh well
c ya x

11:47 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

You're right, sometimes your level just won't climb. At a basketball practise I went real low and my coach would not let me play again til I hit 100. I ate so many glucose tabs and nothing. It took our athletic trainer making me a pb&j to get it up.

12:32 PM  
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