Thursday, December 07, 2006

Always in My Heart

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the start of your holiday season (no matter which holiday you celebrate) is a good one. Unfortunately, the start of my holiday season is one that is not the happiest. Saturday, November 25th my Grandma passed away. It was very unexpected and the doctors are still unsure of what the cause of death is. She was taken to the hospital on Thanksgiving for what we thought was the flu but ended up being a bladder infection. She was set to go home Monday at the latest and everything was looking great. The infection was being taken care of and she was getting the fluids she needed. She was given a great bill of health in every other area. She stopped breathing around 6:30 Saturday night and they were unable to revive her. We (the entire family) rushed to the hospital but it was to late; she was gone.

I love my grandma, we were very close and the pain of her being gone is still ever present in my day. She has been at every home (and most away) basketball and soccer games that I have ever played, and that first game back was hard. Not only hard for me, but also for my mom as she sat there without G-ma by her side. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes she has donated money in her name or in the name of others. It was never much, but what she could donate she did and she was proud to do it. I know she is now with Grandpa again and they are happy to have each other, but that does not always take the pain away. There are still nights I fall asleep thinking about her and wishing I could have given her one more hug. One more hug to let her know that I really did love her as much as I do. I know that one day I will get that chance and I know she is in a better place looking down but we all know that is not the same as having her, and my Grandpa, here.

To you Grandma. With all the love I can give you.