Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Soccer and Sunburn

This weekend I was blest with something a little painful and yet ever so wonderful. For those of you readers who know me I will say it is not another tattoo or piercing but rather the first sunburn of the summer! Yes! A sign from Mother Nature to Wisconsin that summer may in fact just be around the corner. This past Saturday, along with 8 other members of the Alverno Inferno soccer team and two coaches, I (and the first warm weather we've seen this year) woke up around 5:30 to get on a van for an hour drive north for our spring season games. (**quick crash course in college soccer… our regular season is in fall but we are allowed a short season in the spring. We are given a certain number of practice days (I believe 16) and one competition date.**) The Inferno trekked to Lakeland College for four 20 minute 7 v 7 games. We lost all four but we really put in an effort. Six members of the high school team I coach even showed up which was really cool. They got to see me score a goal. Made me feel a little cool, not gonna lie.

Along with the sun came continual testing; one test before the game and another test after. Pleased to report though that my highest test of the day was 230 at 5:45 when I tested after waking up. Otherwise, while at Lakeland my blood was anywhere between 91 and 160. Another score for my team and me. My blood did sort of sink later that night to 70 but a small Sierra Mist later and we were back on track!

Back to work, I can’t have fun online all day. L

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


My life is go go go and I can’t keep up. I’m putting up one heck of a fight though. I am back working for the Lake Express High Speed Ferry and the hours are killer. For the first two weeks I am working 5:15 AM-whenever I need to leave for class but after the first two weeks I will be working 4:15-whenever. Once I’m done with classes (mid May) I will be working 4:15-12:45. Crazy! Take that and add on classes, soccer practice for my college, coaching my other soccer team, and my other part-time job I only have time left for sleep. I’m nuts. That’s ok though cuz in about three weeks I’ll be done with classes and then it will slowly fade away to only the ferry which will be nice.

So… last Thursday I had my appointment to see my eye doctor. They think I have background retinopathy. My doctor says it is nothing to be worried about yet, but she wants me back in six months to be sure. L Not too excited about that. (For those who may not know what background retinopathy is, it is where a few of the blood vessels that go to my retina rupture and leak blood or other fluid into my eye. Ick.)

Time to do a little bit of homework before getting back to work.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Curse you alarm clock

It seems bed time is the time I think most about being diabetic. It is probably because I now actually have time to do nothing other than think about something and why not that? It is usually the time I reflect and think to myself “I shouldn’t of had that rice crispy square. It wasn’t that good anyway.” Or “Why is my alarm going off at 1:00AM?” Last night as I was laying down to go to sleep I set my alarm to go off at 1 knowing that I was feeling like I could be on my way down but hoping that I wasn’t. I was. At 1:00 my alarm went screaming and I found myself at 65. Boo I say to that as all I wanted to do was crawl back under my warm covers and continue sleeping. But I was a good girl and got out of bed to fix my low. I turned on the TV and ate a bowl of cereal. The entire time thinking I want sleep, only 15 more minutes and a reading of 100 and I can lie back down. Well, 10 minutes later and a reading of 86 and I found myself saying that will suffice and back to dreamland I went. Ahhhh sleep; I can’t get enough.

Darryl Worley’s “If Something Should Happen” always makes me a little sad. I know so many diabetics (including myself) and I know there are millions of us out there so when I hear this song I cannot help but think there are people speaking these lyrics everyday.

Well that’s my story for the day.