Sunday, April 30, 2006

June 7-9: Call to Congress

I have been accepted to go to Washington D.C. to be an advocate for diabetes in "Call to Congress: Conquer Diabetes" I am so excited! My mom and I are going. How nuts is that!?!?! I applied and then forgot about it and one night there was an email saying I got it!!! How crazy!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who's to blame when we take responsibility for our actions?

This post is in responce to a post I read on sixuntilme's site. Now, I do not know if Kerri meant to spark such a explosion but here I am writing about it myself. The last time I checked, she had 50 comments made about her post "Scenes" and I have a feeling more will follow. As I posted my own comment on the post I was reading other's comments and came across one that was even more bone-chilling than the 'manager women' not helping poor, low Kerri with her 27 test *cough-Theresa's comments-cough*. Kerri's post was not a post to point the finger and take responsibility from herself when she forgot her emergancy kit in the car but to point out that when someone needs help, sometimes people aren't there to help. Or if they are there they aren't always willing to help. Kerri never said I blame the women for not helping, she just said she wouldn't help; that is not at all pointing the finger. If Kerri, myself, or any diabetic blames someone else for their low or not being prepared they are not a very good diabetic. I can admit that I have messed up and forgot something to treat a low once in a while. It's life, it happens. If I am running to the store 4 blocks away and know I will be gone for 15 min then I usually don't grab something...that is my fault. It is the scariest to have a low and not be prepared. If I was at the theater and dropped down to 27 with nothing on me I would be very scared. If I would have had something I would have been composed, treated it, tested again, and enjoy the movie. Kerri didn't have anything and that is scary.
I do wanna give props to the cashier who was trying to help before manager-zilla came along. I applaude her effort. She might not have known what diabetes was but seeing the fear and urgancy in the eyes of the women before her she was trying to do what she could. It then became a matter of ignorence, laying down the 'law,' and a momentary lack of heart.
I work at a theater (not the one mentioned) and I feel that we should be trained in CPR/first aid. I am but through a different job I have. There are so many people that come into the theater and at any given time something-anything can happen. Not everyone is trained, not everyone knows what to do. Now, granted that the videos aren't the greatest, when I was trained early this spring the 5 min blurp on diabetes was cheesy they at least got the point across and explained what actions should be taken. With watching this video-pretending I am not diabetic-and Kerri came to my register as we were closing and said she needed sugar, I would have given her the juice and better believe I would stand up to my boss and say she needs sugar. I would have become a diabetic-movie theater martyr if need be.

Now, Theresa, I'm glad you are always prepared, rock on with your bad self, but I think it was as cold as the manager women to say it was all Kerri's fault. Are you saying it is Kerri's fault that the theater vending stand closed when it did? Is it Kerri's fault that the manager wouldn't help? Who's fault is it that the grass is green and it rained in Milwaukee on Easter? Is that Kerri's fault too? In 3rd grade when you fell and bumped your knee, did Kerri push you? Global warming, 9-11, US bombing Japan...let's blame Kerri cuz obviously it is all her fault. She never blamed anyone for her not being prepared, read her blog again.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Time!

And so it is Easter! A sugar addicts dream and a diabetics nightmare. Well, Thursday kicked off the Salisbury Easter. My mom, dad, brother, grandma, and I went to the Milwaukee Public Museum to see the "St. Peter and the Vatican" exhibit that is currently there. It was actually really interesting. I had mixed feelings going in but it was cool. Friday my mom and I fasted all day. I get angry when I'm deprived of food. My friends got a little upset that I chose to partake in this fasting but it is my duty as a Catholic. I did end up having to eat glucose tabs to 'resurect' my blood but that was it. The hardest part of the day was going to see "Harry Potter 4 at the IMAX and smelling the popcorn. That was rough. Today was prolly the biggest Salisbury/Reck tradition in the Easter time... Blessing of the food. For as long as I can remember my grandma, mom, brother, and I would get Saturday night's and Sunday night's dinner and year round essentials and stuff it all into a big wicker basket, we would drive to church and the priest would bless the food. When we got our rabbit I would put her in a picnic basket and take her to get blessed too. Every now and then the lid would bounce up and down as Button tried peeking out. The blessing of the food is an Easter memory I don't think I will ever forget and I plan on going every year.
Tomorrow we really don't have any plans... We were supposed to go out for brunch but that got cancled. So, I think depending on the weather we will either be outside or inside watching a movie. Hmmm, maybe "Steal Magnolias." That has become my mom's and mine Easter movie...cuz it starts and ends at Easter. Well, to you and your own... no matter what you celebrate, I hope you have a great time. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

--)-----------Foiled again!

Good day inuslin junkies. Last night was my brother's and mine fourth fencing lesson. So far they are going good. I'm a little soar but it's worth it. The first night was the worst because we had to re-train our muscles to do some new things. After that it got a little easier. Right now my brother and I know how to advance, retreat, one type of lunge, and now we are learning how to defend. There are 8 positions and we know positions 4 and 6. That is what we were working on last night. Instead of my legs hurting, my wrist hurt. We didn't do much footwork, it was all done with the arm. I didn't really know what to expect the first time but it is a lot of fun. We are learning how to kill someone! Sorry, didn't mean to sound psycotic (sp???) or anything; fencing is a martial art, that is what you learn to do.
My soccer team is also doing very well. We are 3-0 right now. We had some big wins but they were not against the strongest teams so it will be interesting how the season goes. My assisstant coach and I are hoping that the team does not get cocky and people begin to get top heavy due to their growing heads. So far so good though so we are just gonna roll with it and see what happens.