Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Scout's Honor

For those who wanted to know about my new friend, here is the information... Scout is a female rex rat. She is very social and if she is awake, she wants to be out of her cage. She loves to sit on your neck and she is a licker. She does not like wheel and she hated the ball so she needs to get excersise by playing with me and my friends. For her, a wheel, a small igloo house, and chew sticks, the total was about $30. (I already had the cage, food, and water bottle.) She is very easy to care for as long as she is cared for. I clean her cage at least once a week, make sure she has fresh food and water, and give her a treat when she's been good. If you have any more questions, just let me know.

I am sure my basketball team thinks I am one set of problems after another. Finally, I am able to come back and play after my bad infection and the second or third game in, I go low. ...really low. Early first half I test knowing I don't feel quite right and my blood level is at 54! So, I stuff some glucose tabs, wait a little bit and test again. 49. Hmmmm, ok, a few more tabs and a little longer wait. This goes on the entire first half as I go from 54-49-75-63 and finally to 140. I am able to come back for the second half. Immediately after the game I test assuming the glucose has caught up with the rest of me and I'll now be in the 300s but I was only at 163. (Yes, that is a great number but after how low I was and how many glucose tabs i took I was expecting a jump.) The crazy things your body will do.