Friday, June 29, 2007

San Fran Marathon

Yesterday afternoon I was fortunate enough to meet at one of many local Starbucks with my former basketball coach. We have a deep history and even though she is no longer my coach we are very nicely transferring our roles to friends; a very nice blessing for both of us. As we sat in some our comfy chairs and sipped our lattes she informed me that she would be running in the San Francisco half marathon. I was impressed with the news and slightly jealous at the opportunity. (As athletic as I am, I am not yet to marathon-or half-caliber.) She then told me about how she wants to run with a cause and since both of her parents were diagnosed with diabetes later in life and since she has a friend or two with the big D she has decided to run for diabetes. She asked if I could get my hands on some diabetes related t-shirts and I am gladly on the task. Rock on with your bad self Sue! I know you can do it and I know you will wear one of the shirts I grab proud. Also, thank you for running for (what I think is) a great cause. Good luck!

I hope everyone’s summer is going well. I hope any travel plans go off without any trouble and if you need to get frisked at the airport it is by someone attractive ;-) Stop by and pay a visit from time to time.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Make the Difference

I apologize for the absence but between work, interning, and sleeping I seem to have only time to use the bathroom. I was able to sneak away for a weekend with my mom, however, and visit some relatives in the La Crosse area of Wisconsin. We were celebrating my Grandma's cousin's 90th birthday. The lady may be up there in years but is still 'all there upstairs.' It was facinating listening to stories from her past. She can remember so much as if it occured last week. It was great going up with my mom and seeing a side of the family we do not get to see too often. I love it up there. I would move there today if I could. Unfortunately, work, school, and no place to live are keeping me in the Brew City. Oh well, it's not that bad here :-)

Boo on Bush! He vetoed our bill again. Dangnabit! Here we go again. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT: Contact your state representitives! Make your voice heard. Explain why we need this bill, and many others, passed. Go to the ADA and/or JDRF websites and become advocates for you or the people in your life affected by diabetes. You can make a difference.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Thank you :-)

Good Saturday morning blogging community :-)
As I sit an answer phones at the Lake Express High Speed Ferry this morning my attention is drawn to a woman sitting in the Milwaukee terminal. She arrived around 9:15 and since check-in does not start until 11:00 she is sitting at a table waiting patiently for the check-in process to begin. When she arrive, as many do, she approached me at the customer service counter asking for guidance as to where she should next. I advised her that we do not begin check-in until 11:00 but she is more than welcome to stay in the terminal until that time. From my observation I felt it safe to assume that she was slightly mentally handicapped. I can also assume that she lives on her own and for the most part can take care of herself. She informed me that her father made the reservation for her and told her where to go.

As she waits in the terminal she gently places her bags around her and sits down. She pulls out a small bag and rummages through it. A call interrupts my attention but when I glance back over she is delicately applying her make-up. She is holding her blush, focusing on her reflection and the strokes she is applying. All being done in a very Audrey Hepburn fashion. All very something out of “Breakfast at Tiffany's.”

I bring up this little story because it made me think how cool it was that someone who might have been overlooked growing up or has had people think “she can't do that” can and is. I am not saying I know what this woman's life growing up was like or how her life is now but if one person anywhere ever thought that anyone with a mental handicap cannot live on their own or live their life to the fullest this woman proves them wrong. So here is a thank you to the guardians and caregivers to those with any kind of handicap and a strong rock on to those that have proved ney-sayers wrong.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I would also like to send out a big congratulations to the call of 2007. Rock on and go get 'em!

Friday, June 01, 2007

You can do [almost] anything...

For as much as I do not like being diabetic I can usually put up with it. Sure, me and my diabetes have a love-hate relationship but we get along for the most but there is one thing that I will never be able to forgive my diabetes for and that is stripping me of being able to enlist in a branch of our armed forces. Ever since I was young (young like 6 or 7) I knew I was going to serve our country. It was a devastating day when I realized I would not be able to. I understand to a point why any given branch will not accept diabetics, however, it kills me to know that I am more physically fit than some of the recruits that enlist. Growing up being told that I can do anything without letting diabetes get in the way it pains me to know that this one thing I want to do I am told I will never be able to. It is almost as if we have a plague. An Army recruiter called me shortly after turning 18 and asked if I was interested in serving our country. I said very much so, however, I am diabetic. He could not get off the phone fast enough. “Thank you. Do you have any friends that are interested?” No. ...but I am.

I have started my internship with JDRF and love it. So far they have me doing grunt work but I am assured that I will be working on other, more fun projects. I am currently helping with the golf outing and the upcoming walks.