Monday, January 22, 2007

Back to the grind

It sure has been awhile. Well, now that I am offically back on campus with not only basketball, but also classes and work I have more time to post. Yes, now that my schedule has more in it, I have more time to write. I should clarify; I have more computer time. Well, since we've last chatted I have grown a HUGE blister under a callis on my toe. It was nasty. It hurt like a mother trucker and looked as bad. I was off the court for 10 days and was put through the ringer. After seeing my primary doctor I was put on a high dose of antibiotics and told to warm soak it. Done and done. I thought. After 4 days on the antibio it was getting worse. ...a lot worse. My mom and I ended up in an urgent care where the doctor put me on a different antibiotic. That one showed results over night. :-) I went back to my primary so she could see it and she did what had to be done; she drained it. Ick. She also gave me two shots of antis in the bum. That stung a little but all is good now. Today was my first day back on the court and it felt great! (Sorry, I know that story was a little gross, but hey. I was able to keep my toe and we all know that is big news. I wasn't so sure there for a few days.)

Anyway... Now it is back to the grind. Classes for me started Thursday. :-/ So far so good, but it is still early.

P.S. I will put a picture of Scout (my rat) up in my next post along with the details.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thank you & Happy holidays

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all those who left me a little note after my last entry. Your thoughtful, loving words meant and mean so much to me during this rough time. Thank you.

Well, I am back! Maybe not as recharged as I would like to be, but I am back after a much needed break. I was done with classes and basketball for awhile now and now basketball is starting up again after a much needed seven day break and classes do not start until the 24th. So, now that I am back on campus I have my computer and can update this spiffy little site. I hope you all had a wonderfully happy holiday season and a safe new year. My Christmas was good. It was rough without G-ma there but we made the best of it. Best gift of the year: the complete "Sex and the City" series! I love that show. My mom introduced me to the show about two years ago and I said I wasn't interested. She said "'Sex and the City' is a show that all women should watch. It does a great job of showing how strong a bond between [women] friends is." I finally broke down and agreed to watch the series with my mom. So, this past spring she started renting the series from Blockbuster. About the half way through season 1 I was hooked. (The first three shows were kinda rough, it gets better though.) I admitted to my mom she was right and that began the "Summer of Sex [and the City]."

Over this little break I bought myself a little Christmas gift of a rex rat. Her name is Scout and she is adorible! She is a very docile, friendly rat. She likes to use me as a salt lick after a hard basketball practise and she nibbles but never has she biten anyone. She likes to climb up onto your neck which tickles but its ok cuz she's cute. She also has a habbit of finding which pocket my pump is in. She climbs around in my lap and after a short time she finds something interesting. "That looks like something to be chewed" she thinks as she begins chewing on my pump tubing. I take it away and turn her around but it is vain because she is now interested in that so she bee lines to the same spot. I again try taking it away but she is getting annoyed and she uses her cute little hands now to take back what she believes to be hers. So, now Scout and I are in a tug of war with my pump tubes. I of course win and just keep an eye on her. She's just so cute I can't get mad.

Well, I'm gonna hit the showers now. Talk to you all later.