Friday, June 30, 2006


Its finally on the floor! The bill diabetics have been waiting for! The stem cell bill is now on the floor and is being debated. Congrats diabetics out there. If you want to get this thing going contact your senators and lets get the ball rolling!

Monday, June 26, 2006


This past week I had the wonderful experience of house-sitting for my neighbors. My neighbors call on me to watch their house, and more importantyly, their pets. I love house-sitting! No, I do not have wild house parties (I'm more responsible than that thank you very much). I will admit though, I do take the time to pretend I live there on my own. What? Is that really so bad? I'm 20 years old living at home-I like the time alone. Don't get me wrong, I love my house, I love my bed in my room, and I absolutly love my family; but you've been there, you know what I'm saying. House-sitting did give me the oppertunity to watch a movie I haven't watched in a long time; Glory Enough for All. It is a very good movie about the descovery of insulin. Ya ya ya, its nerdy but I like it. It's a good movie. Well, I guess I'm not really going anywhere with this entry so I'm gonna cut it short.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back home

Well ladies, gents, and diabetics of all ages I am back in the cheese state. Washington DC was great. I am not a big city person but I could see myself living there. The Call to Congress went very well. I met with Sen. Feingold and Kohl (well, Kohl's aid) and they are both in support of stem cell research which is two for our corner.
"A cure is 5 years away" a doctor said to my parents. That cure is 12 years late. "A cure is 7 years away" was told to Steve from WI-10 years late. A cure is now within reach. They are making great strides in the right direction. I know I may be setting myself up; setting the bar high but it is all I have left. I want to be free of my pump! While in DC there is an exhibit at the Smithsonian called "What happened to polio?" My point: I want there to be an exhibt "What happened to diabetes?" It would be great! They would have syringes and needls and vials of old insulin and people would look at it and say things like "I can't believe people would do that!" It is amazing the things people will do to stay alive.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My dawgs be on fire!!!

Well, as the title suggests my feet are on fire! My mom and I arrived in Washington DC at about 10:00 AM Washington time, checked into the hotel, (which is pimped beyond beliefe-thank you ADA!) and then did nothing but wonder and get lost! Well, we were actually lost from the get-go. We arrive in DC with absolutly no plan. We find a taxi and our on our way to the Omni Shoreham. Once our we are in our room and our baggage is dropped off my mom and I are out. We begin walking around the hotel and then are advised to get on the Metro and head towards the Mall (not shopping mall). We are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin-we do not have Metros or subways so we are in over our heads. Thankfully people in DC are very friendly and we get to where we need to go no problem. We were shopping and walking from 11:00-7:00! Our only break is to stop for food and to take a 30 min break. We bought more stuff than we actually have room for so we aren't sure how everything is getting home but we'll figure it out.
On our adventure we stumble across the US Treasury and that leads to... drum roll...The White House! Rock that mother! After some more sigh seeing, getting lost, and shopping we do something great...go to a Washington Mystics WNBA game! I can't believe I was able to talk my mom into going. It was great! The crowd was small but they were rowdie! Now it is 10:00 DC time and we are in for the night. My feet can not take more walking today. I'll be back tomorrow if I can.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The time has come

Well, the time has finally come. Tomorrow my mom and I leave for Washington DC. Wow! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I still can't believe I was chosen to do this. This is big stuff. Crazy! I made a cool T-shirt to wear on the flight tomorrow. A little nerdy yes but fun none the less. The fundraising number on the last count was a little over $1,400. I did get 3 more envelopes today addressed for the CTC so I'll give you a final number once I have added that to the total. I already have butterflies in my stomach. I also am filled with fear. I work for a ferry that crosses Lake Michigan and some sweet old lady came in today saying she originally made plans for Tuesday's crossing but changed it after she realized it was 6.6.06. Then I thought about it-I'm leaving for DC on 6.6.06 and there hasn't been any plane crashes in awhile which unfortuatly means we are due soon., if this does happen to be my last post I want you all to know I love you in a very diabetic related way! Ok, back to the here and now: I'm almost all packed and I can't wait to be in DC. My mom and me are planning on going to the Korean War Mem, the Holocaust Museum, some shopping, and some other big places. We only have 2 days to tour but we will get a lot in. I'm going to be taking tons of pics so if anyone wants me to send them the online Wallgreens album just send me your email address.