Thursday, March 30, 2006

Long-time Friends

This post is dedicated to my friends, my "sugar-free friends." I have known you longer than I have known anyone else (excluding family). We did not meet under the most pleasant circumstances but I'm glad we met. Our moms met soon after we were diagnosed in a support group for parents of diabetics. Soon they decided to meet outside of the meetings, then they brought us with. We were young, about ages 2-3. We didn't know that diabetes is what linked us together, all we knew is that our moms liked to get together to talk and that meant play date for us. Who knew that 17 (about) years ago would spark this bond. This bond that not many have. I have known these other 3 diabetics longer than I can even remember. We aren't best friends and we only meet about once a year-through our moms who are best friends-but i know they are still with me. I know if I needed them, they would be there. We have seen eachother grow into young adults. I still remember a lot about our earlier meetings... playing in the sand at Tony's, going and visiting John's neighbor's horses, all the dead flies in John's attic, the rope swing in his yard, playing catch when he was in a wheel-chair, going to Laurissa's and playing volleyball, them coming to our house to play in the pool and treehouse. Getting older and joining our moms at Houlihans for dinner...John and his Diet Cherry Coke WITH cherries. Oh, excuse me, I should introduce you to my friends. I am the oldest in the group. (I think you know a little about me already.) Then there is Tony and John. They are two very cute boys who started their college carreers this year. Youngest is Laurissa, she is graduating high school this spring. Wow, we really have been together a long time haven't we? Well, anyway, I love you guys and I want you to know I have your back; if you need anything do not hesitate, I am here for you.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Thursday was the anniversary of my 17th year with diabetes. Wow! Long time. That kinda makes me feel a little old. That means my brother is turning 17... Crazy; time really does fly by.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My birthday came and went and now I am 20. I don't feel any different. Should I? I did get some pretty sweet gifts though. My grandma got me a Norweigan flag (my grandpa is Nor. and my grandma is Polish, I have the Polish flag but I still wanted the other one); my brother got me a $15 iTunes gift card; my friends got me a small speaker system for my iPod and they threw me the party on Saturday; and my parents got me a pair of pants, a skirt, some cute, small gifts, and drum roll please... fencing lessons! I am so excited for this. I know it might sound dorky but I love it! I think it will be really fun. My brother and I will be doing this together, which is even cooler. We go tonight for an introductory lesson. We need to go to 3 of them (I think) before they will let us enroll. This is so they know we are commited to doing this and that we won't quit after the first class.
Well, I'm at work right now so I'll write more later. Peace out.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring Break & Birthdays!

Spring break! I love it. It does, however, seem more than a little early for my Catholic College to give us a week off. Last year we were off the week before Easter, which makes sense, but this is kind'a out there if you ask me. Well, a week off is a week off, I am not one to complain! Bonus though, my birthday is Thursday...ToMoRrOw! 20 here I come! While not a big mile-stone birthday 20 is still cool. As far as celebrating goes tonight my grandma is coming over for dinner of 'lemon-sherry chicken' with rice pielof (sp?). This is my favorite dish that my mom makes. Mmmmm, I have loved this meal for years and I can't wait. Then of course-cake! It is one of the few times were the diabetic is given sugar. It is a really cute cake (there would be a picture but I cannot find the cord to my camera). Then tomorrow, two of my friends are coming over to celebrate for a little. Then, Satureday is the party. It will be a very small party at a friend's house but it will still be a party.
How come everyone thinks it's fun to give sugar to the diabetic? Last night I met a friend for dinner and she brought me a little gift knowing my birthday was coming up. It was a 1 1/2 pound bag of chocolate covered peanuts and more than some 'fun sized' Heath bars. It was very nice of her, cuz yes, Heath Bar Blizards are my favorite DQ treat and choco. covered peanuts are my favorite candy but to give the diabetic a bag of both for my birthday... Ummm, thanks but is that really such a great idea? I guess the good thing about it (to find the good in the situation) is that when I do get candy, it does last a little longer-or it should anyway.